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We extend our invitation to all our brothers and sisters in the faith, that ride and enjoy riding, to join the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry.


We represent the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in name and logo. We know that there are many small groups dispersed all over the world and many brothers and sisters in non-Adventist clubs. The time has come that we as Seventh-Day Adventist come together as one great family and work together for the good of mankind.

Together we are strong, divided in small groups we are weak. It is sad to see a division within the church and the brothers and sisters. Together we can create motorcycle events where we can join in annual congresses, rallies, and other events where we can enjoy the Christian life with the ones we love most, like our family and friends.

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Motorcycle Information

Motorcycle Endorsement

All members must have a Motorcycle Endorsement to ride
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